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Not really from the "land down under" the Australian Shepherd (Aussie) is a versatile very active, intelligent breed of dog, able to adapt to a variety of tasks. Aussie's generally have an even disposition making them ideal companions for an active household that is up for the challenge of an active and smart dog.

Australian Shepherds are active working dogs you will find Aussies working on sheep farms and cattle ranches, they are often used for Search and Rescue dogs, and more recently are very popular in dog sports such as agility and fly ball.

Australian Shepherds are easy-going, remaining puppy-like even in their adult years. This courageous dog makes a good watchdog for the home. Aussies are excellent with children, even with an active child, as they love to play. A devoted, loyal friend and guardian, for they are naturally protective. Affectionate, very lively, agile and attentive - they are eager to please, with a sixth sense about what the owner wants. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train

The Aussie is a medium sized dog, with a medium length wavy, weather resistant coat which requires moderate grooming, this coat comes in a variety of colours including the unique blue and red merle

Males 20-23 inches (52-58 cm)    Females 18-21 inches (46-53 cm)
Males 50-70 pounds (25-32 kg)   Females 35-55 pounds (16-25 kg)

The coat is easy to groom and needs little attention. Brush occasionally with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary. This breed is an average shedder.

Many merles have two different colored eyes.

All black and blue merle dogs have black noses, eye rims, and lips. All red and red merle dogs have liver or brown noses, eye rims, and lips.

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